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Children as Leaders


Play Leaders

Playleaders play an important role in supporting the Lunchtime Supervisors by organising and leading playground games and activities for younger children in our school. Year 4 children can apply to become a Playleader by speaking to their class teacher or Ms. Lee.

Playleaders receive special training to develop their confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem. In order to reward the children’s achievements the school has developed a Playleaders award scheme. Playleaders can achieve bronze, silver and gold awards which recognise and value their hard work.

Children’s Comments
“I love being a Playleader because I enjoy having fun with the children in Key Stage 1. As a Playleader I help children to have fun at school and teach younger children how to play games happily and safely.”

“I enjoy being a Playleader because I get to help people and play games with younger children. We help children if they are hurt, feel upset or are worried and we also play lots of games!”

Children as leaders receive special training on confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem.


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