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Pupil Premium


Allocation of funds for Pupil Premium 2019/2020 – £73,880
Number on role 290 pupils. There are 56 pupils entitled to the funding of £1320 per pupil
This year the funds will be spent ensuring that the attainment between Pupil Premium and national expectation continues to close.

Responsible Governor for Pupil Premium is Mrs Samantha Jackson.

Pupil Premium

Each year the school receives additional money called a ‘pupil premium’ which is allocated to us on the basis of the number of children who are entitled to ‘free school meals’ (FSM) or who have been in the last 6 year (Ever 6).

The money enables us to continue our work supporting these children and their families in order that they make the best possible progress in school. Our ethos at Millfields First School is one where we aim to educate the ‘whole child’. This means that our children are safe, happy and ready to learn when they come to school. There are times when some children and families need additional support and access to wider services to enable this to happen.

This year the funds will be spent ensuring that the attainment between Pupil Premium and national expectation continues to close.

We will do this by –

  • Targeted intervention groups for Pupil Premium children to support the teaching of basic skills to access the curriculum at the appropriate level.
  • As part of a well-planned programme of targeted support for academic and personal development, Pupil Premium children will have the support of additional adults in class, including teaching assistants, a number of tailored programmes such as Pre-teaching and Fun Club (see above).

Further support will be given to enable Pupil Premium children to have access to normal school life and enhanced provision e.g. basic equipment and clothing where necessary.

How Pupil Premium Funding Contributes to our School

Pupil Premium funding also helps to fund our ‘Fun club’. Fun club is additional after school provision to support Disadvantaged children with their social and emotional needs. Fun club also has a focus on reading skills, and supports the children in accessing the curriculum at the correct level. In addition to this, funding will also be put towards extracurricular activities such as sports activities, lunchtime and after school clubs to enhance the curriculum for Pupil Premium children. There will also be help available to support parents with the cost of school visits and residential trips linked to the curriculum. Any additional resources and equipment needed for Pupil Premium children may be funded by this money. Parents who need the assistance of the Pupil Premium are supported discreetly and no child or family is identified. The Head teacher will gladly discuss different families’ needs sensitively and in private. We will review the impact of the measures listed to ensure they represent both value for money and have had a direct impact on children’s learning.

This year (2019-20) the pupil premium funding has contributed towards the employment of additional teaching assistants, which has kept the ratio of adults to children high. This ensures that we are best able to provide targeted support for children with additional needs.

Evaluating the impact of provision for Pupil Premium children

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018 ~ 19 Evaluation

Pre-teaching is embedded in the school timetable. It has resulted in increased social skills and confidence, raised self-esteem, improved basic skills access to the curriculum at the appropriate level and has promoted enjoyment of school. This programme is delivered before school.

Improved learning behaviours have been seen through learning walks and lesson observations and there has been an increase in the GLD for reception children as a result of targeted interventions.

In 2019-2020, for the children who attract a pupil premium, we will continue to prioritise the provision of targeted support for basic skills teaching e.g. raising attainment in reading, writing and maths across the school.